Friday, January 29, 2010

"Don't make everything about 'Jesus'"

Kevin DeYoung publishes a "rant" [his term] this morning about those Christians who seem to want to avoid being known as "Christians." [I may do the same some day about people who seem to think "gospel" is the opposite of "religion."] And then he gets to "Jesus":
...[W]e should also be careful that we don’t make everything about “Jesus.” (Wait a second, did he just say that?!) Let me explain. I love Jesus. I love to pray to Jesus. I love to say the name “Jesus” in my sermons, a lot. I talk about following Jesus, worshiping Jesus, believing in Jesus, and having a big, glorious Jesus. No apologies necessary for saying “Jesus.” But then one time an older member of our congregation asked why I didn’t say “Christ” more often. I had never really thought about it before. I guess “Jesus” just packs a little more punch, has a little more edge, sounds a little fresher than Christ or Lord or the Son of God.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with referencing “Jesus.” The gospels do it a whole bunch. But we must not forget—and we must help our younger listeners remember—that we are not merely followers of a man named Jesus. We worship the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are disciples of this man Jesus, but this man is also our Savior and God. He is, after all, more than a carpenter.

Following Jesus is a movement. Believing in Christ is a faith. .... [more]
Ain’t No Shame – Kevin DeYoung

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  1. Ok, you got my attention- :)
    Very interesting post- thanks-
    Believing in all the components of who God is, his son Jesus the Christ, Messiah,... all is relevant. Knowing who God the Judge, God the Father, Lord God Most High. All important and worth persuing. Thanks for this post, good stuff. Laura


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