Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Desiring God blog suggests:
If you're looking for an organization to channel your money through for Haiti—and you probably should be—here are some options.

1. Compassion International
2. Feed My Starving Children
3. Food for the Hungry
4. World Vision
5. World Relief
6. Samaritan's Purse
7. Love a Child
8. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
9. Compassion Weavers
10. Mennonite Central Committee
11. Water Missions International
Julia Duin at the Washington Times reacts to Pat Robertson:
Mr. Robertson also said that, because of a pact with the devil the republic's founders supposedly made in 1791, Haiti has been cursed ever since. ....

Seems to me it's dangerous to postulate why any disaster happens. Even Jesus, when asked by his disciples about a tower that collapsed and killed 18 people, did not give a reason for the tragedy. Nor did God explain things to Job.
Albert Mohler on Twitter:
Just talked on radio about Pat Robertson's embarrassing comments about Haiti. Theological arrogance matched to ignorance.
About Pat Robertson and Haiti - Belief Blog - Washington Times