Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Being reformed, I’ve never put my hands in the air for any reason"

Ted Kluck has been commissioned by Moody Press to write a book "part of which involves me listening to only Christian music for a whole year" including attending only Christian rock concerts. As someone who has absolutely no experience attending such concerts [i.e., the Christian variety], I found his account of one very interesting. Although in different environments, this sentence struck me as describing something I had experienced:
Growing up evangelical taught me one thing: If there’s a tinkling piano in the background, there’s going to be some sort of heartstring-pulling talk, followed immediately by an appeal for money and/or an appeal to come up front and get saved.
Kluck's experience at the concert.

Chapter () Excerpt, Tentatively Titled “I Want to Go Home” or “Do You Guys See What You’re Doing to the Blinds?”