Thursday, September 21, 2006

TIME: Does God Want You To Be Rich?

A selection from TIME: Does God Want You To Be Rich? Joel Osteen speaking:
"I don't think I've ever preached a sermon about money," he says a few hours later. He and Victoria meet with TIME in their pastoral suite, once the Houston Rockets' locker and shower area but now a zone of overstuffed sofas and imposing oak bookcases. "Does God want us to be rich?" he asks. "When I hear that word rich, I think people say, 'Well, he's preaching that everybody's going to be a millionaire.' I don't think that's it." Rather, he explains, "I preach that anybody can improve their lives. I think God wants us to be prosperous. I think he wants us to be happy. To me, you need to have money to pay your bills. I think God wants us to send our kids to college. I think he wants us to be a blessing to other people. But I don't think I'd say God wants us to be rich. It's all relative, isn't it?" The room's warm lamplight reflects softly off his crocodile shoes.

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  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    God wants us to be happy? No, He wants us to reflect His character. The best way to grow is to go through the valley experiences - not a "happy" place to be.

    God wants a people who will worship Him for who He is, not what He can give us.


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