Friday, September 1, 2006

Religion and Political Parties

The recent Pew survey indicates a certain unease about the mixture of religion and politics in the United States - an unease I share. The analysis includes a great deal of information about Christians and politics in America. One of the things it indicates is that Democrats have a particular problem with religious voters. Ross Douthat at the First Things blog suggests why this is so:
[T]he hyper-secularist voting bloc is exercising more influence in the Democratic party than at any point since the 1972 convention, in terms of donations, rhetoric, and votes. These are the Kossacks and the Lamonsters, the Internet-enabled, highly educat[ed], affluent, and deeply anti-religious voters who are making their presence known and giving religious people the heebie-jeebies.
It would be a pity for religious belief [or anti-religious conviction] to become identified with one or the other of the major political parties.

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