Saturday, August 11, 2007

Academic bigotry

World Magazine has a story about prejudice against evangelicals by university faculty. Although there has been much anecdotal evidence for such bias, this appears to be the first actual survey of faculty attitudes.
In a recently released scientific survey of 1,269 faculty members across 712 different colleges and universities, 53 percent of respondents admitted to harboring unfavorable feelings toward evangelicals. ....

Gary A. Tobin, president of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research, set out to gauge levels of academic anti-Semitism compared to hostility toward other religious groups. He found that only 3 percent of college faculty holds unfavorable views toward Jews. In fact, no religious group draws anywhere near the scorn of evangelicals, Mormons placing a distant second with a 33 percent unfavorable outcome.
Some argue that the bias doesn't result in mistreatment of students. The article indicates that Tobin intends to test this with a follow-up study of their experience.

WORLD Magazine | Weekly News, Christian Views

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