Friday, August 31, 2007

Is repetition a help or a hindrance?

A friend once referred to "7/11 choruses" - seven words sung eleven times. Bob Kauflin lists a number of things that should be taken into consideration when, in worship, a chorus or hymn is sung over and over and over. He elaborates on each of the points below at his site:
  1. Have a reason for repeating.
  2. Be careful about repeating repetition.
  3. Choruses aren’t the only part of a song we can repeat.
  4. Be aware of the difference between repeating objective truth and subjective response.
  5. Don’t end every song by singing the last line three times.
  6. Repetition can include musical variety.
  7. Repetition is helped by explanation.
Repetition isn’t wrong in itself. Like most practices, it can be used or abused. I pray these few thoughts are a help towards using it to serve people more effectively for the Savior’s glory. [read it all]
Is Repetition a Help or a Hindrance?

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