Friday, August 17, 2007

God's provision

The Internet Monk takes on "The Prosperity Gospel" and does a useful job of defining it and distinguishing it from the Gospel of Christ.

What it is, and is not:
The Prosperity Gospel…
  1. is NOT God’s promise to meet the needs of his people as an expression of his Fatherly kindness within his sovereign will.
  2. is NOT God’s old covenant physical blessings to Israel and its kings.
  3. is NOT the Bible’s teaching of blessing by the will of God expressed through the consequences of wise choices or the consequences of obedience.
The Bible teaches us that if “we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness, all these things will be added....” This is not, however, an appeal to materialism or the desire for wealth. It is dependence on God — and on the freedom of God — to provide in whatever situation we find ourselves. God’s provision is not a promise to enrich, but to provide as needed for our lives as we live out his Kingdom’s purposes.

The Prosperity Gospel…
  1. is the presumption that God wants us to be rich.
  2. is the assumption that the blessings of the Gospel are material and financial blessings now.
  3. is a denial and replacement of the true meaning of “give us this day our daily bread.”
  4. is the replacement of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the New Testament with a method that causes God to bestow material and financial blessings on anyone who uses the method. ....
Read it all. » Blog Archive » What Is The Prosperity Gospel?

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