Monday, March 26, 2007

"Education is part of any faith at work!"

John Mark Reynolds asks "What is a classical, traditional, Christian education?" and offers the answer:
Education is becoming what God meant humanity to be.

Education cannot save anyone. It cannot begin itself given the broken and sinful human condition. Humanity requires redemption first, but education is of great value for the redeemed.

Education is part of any faith at work!

Is it Biblical?

It has as its Biblical mandate John 1: 1-14.

True education begins in the Revelation of God the Word as Creator and ends with the ability of humans to see His grace and truth in the Incarnation of that Word.

Why is it Classical, Traditional, Christian education?

It is Christian, because it accepts that only Christianity is wholly true, good, and beautiful and rejects the notion that any good, true, or beautiful idea, thing, or person cannot be reconciled to it.

It is traditional, because it accepts that the full council of God includes what God has said to all people at all times and rejects the impiety of assuming that our fathers and mothers in the faith have nothing to teach us.

It is classical because it accepts that the “common grace of God” in all men gives non-Christians much to teach us and rejects the assault on God’s providence of assuming that the cultural context of the birth of Christianity was accidental or unimportant. The Greeks and Romans matter in a way unique to non-Christian cultures.

It is “education,” because it recognizes that all humans (not just children) are not what they can be. After redemption, there exists the possibility of being to express what humans were meant to be when created by God. This cannot be done fully in this life, but education is the faithful start. [much more]
Source: The Scriptorium: What is a classical, traditional, Christian education?

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