Monday, July 9, 2007

Harold O.J. Brown RIP

Dr. Harold O.J. Brown died yesterday. Trinity Divinity students of my acquaintance found him challenging and worthy of attention. Among his many achievements, he was one of the first modern evangelical writers who argued that the faith has political implications and needs to be worked out in that aspect of life as in all others. As indicated below, he was engaged with the abortion issue, but his political concerns were much broader.
A scholar devoted to the cause of human rights and dignity, Dr. Brown was respected worldwide. He held professorships at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois and at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also taught internationally at institutions in India, Switzerland, and France. In addition to his academic posts, he was the Director of the Center on Religion and Society at the Rockford Institute, on the editorial staff of several publications including Christianity Today and Human Life Review, and a member of many academic and theological societies both in America and abroad. A prolific writer, he has published articles in numerous newspapers, journals, and magazines, and has written nine books, including Protest of a Troubled Protestant, Death Before Birth, Heresies, and The Sensate Culture.

Dr. Brown was one of the earliest Evangelical voices to call for a clear moral response to the abortion issue. Inspired by Christian apologist Francis Schaeffer and aided by Rev. Billy Graham and several leaders of Catholic pro-life organizations, Dr. Brown and former surgeon-general C. Everett Koop founded the Christian Action Council in 1975. This organization changed its name to Care Net in 1993, and now supports a national network of 1,090 pregnancy resource centers which provide counseling and resources to women with unplanned pregnancies.
Dr. Harold O.J. Brown

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