Thursday, July 5, 2007

This does not change the reality

At the New Criterion site, a panel including Christians, Jews, a Muslim, and individuals without religious faith, discuss the meaning of suffering. One comment:
Jamie Glazov: Well, in my own limited understanding of this world and of its creator, I have a slight hunch that God might have a bit of a higher understanding of the way His creation works than we do. If we knew God completely and understood everything about Him, then He wouldn't be God and we wouldn't have freedom. And we also wouldn't be just human beings - which we are. .... I am not sure about the wisdom of making ourselves Gods, or equal to God, in the suggestion that His creation becomes what we think of it, rather than recognizing that our understanding is limited, and less than a speck of dust, in the face of His infinite greatness. I also have a feeling that if an individual believes that God doesn't love him, and doesn't operate in his life, that this does not necessarily change the reality that God does both.

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