Monday, February 11, 2008


Michael Spenser has been writing about "The Church" and had this to say about "non-denominational" churches:
There is no such thing. Historically, almost every non-denominational church is a kind of evangelical, semi or totally Baptistic, often charismatic gathering of people who simply want to believe that they opened the Bible and started from scratch.

I know that denominational names get in the way, but somewhere - not necessarily on the sign out front - its helpful to say “This is the stream of Christianity we come from.” Everyone has a family, even if you have reasons for wanting to avoid your connection to them.

Just being honest, every time I’m in a conversation with someone committed to the non-denominational label, there’s always an air of superiority that really gets tiresome. It stifles conversation, unity, fellowship and so much else. » Blog Archive » The Church: Flawed and Finished (Final F.A.Q.)

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