Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ESV Personal Size Reference Bible

Mark Bertrand reviews the new ESV Personal Size Reference Bible at Bible Design & Binding. It is a review of the edition, not the translation, and so is of particular interest to those of us already enamored of the English Standard Version. After a thorough discussion of the qualities of this edition, he concludes:
I love the Personal Reference ESV, but I understand if not everyone does. For me it delivers most of the goods - a readable, single-column setting with a clever approach to references and a relatively compact form factor. I’ve never enjoyed reading the poetry of the ESV more, and it’s never looked so good on the page before. All in all, I’m satisfied. Having said that, what I’m waiting on is a quality binding for the Personal Reference. It’s hard to commit fully until then.

My advice is to pick up a copy and see for yourself. Don’t just flip through it and make a decision. Spend some time reading. If you don’t like it after that, so be it. But like me, you might find that after a few hours reading, you don’t want to part with it. [the whole thing]
I just ordered one. The TruTone edition is less than $20 at Amazon. Leather is about $10 more.

Bible Design and Binding: Personal Size Reference Edition (ESV)

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