Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obsessed with size

Jared Wilson on size and importance and what can be learned from the "little guy":
.... We are obsessed. We are obsessed with bigger, better, faster. We define success according to quantity and presentation. We reckon churches increasing in size as effective.

And so our heroes are the big church guys. They speak at the conferences, they publish the books, they exert the influence.

But the guys at the "little churches" have just as much, if not more, to teach us about how to shepherd and how to disciple. [....]
He offers some of the reasons "we ought to seek out and listen well to the guys who pastor 'small' churches."
    1. The little guy who's been little for a while can teach you about contentment. ....
    2. The little guy knows about pastoring. As in, actually pastoring. ....
    3. The little guy makes for a better mentor. ....
    4. The little guy who's been little for a while is seasoned. ....
    5. The little guy knows what really matters. ....
Wilson elaborates on each of those points. Read it all here.

The Gospel-Driven Church: Listening to the Little Guy


  1. Jim I think I have made it work this time.
    (1) Nice picture
    (2) The man is absolutely correct about ministry and size.
    (3) Still small church pastors ask the same question. What is the size of your congregation?

  2. It is, of course, a picture of kdc's church. It is indeed a good picture of a very attractive church.


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