Friday, June 6, 2008

SDB World Federation

This year the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference USA and Canada will host the sessions of the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation. The SDBWF will meet the week before the General Conference sessions in August. World Federation delegates will also attend Conference and many will take advantage of the opportunity to visit some of our churches.

The World Federation meetings are not yet fully funded and they ask for your help to ensure that delegates - especially from less affluent parts of the world - will be able to attend. They need to raise $30,000. If you can contribute, please make the check to "Seventh Day Baptist World Federation" and mail it to the Treasurer of the SDWF: Luan Ellis, 614 Pleasant Valley Rd., Alfred Station, NY 14803. Obviously the need is immediate. The SDBWF sessions will be in late July and travel plans need to be finalized now.

Your prayers are needed too: that all travel and visa issues will be resolved, that the sessions will be useful for those who attend, and that the needed funds can be raised.

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