Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"'Till death do us part"?

A site called Divorce 360 provides a calculator which predicts your liklihood of getting divorced, based on comparing your experience with the census data. The calculator is here.

Since we have all read that about half of all marriages end in divorce - an extraordinarily discouraging statistic - this calculator can provide encouragement. Maggie Gallagher at NRO:
My husband sent it to me. His risk of divorce is 1 percent. Mine is 5 percent. Statistics are wonderful things. | Marriage Calculator, What's Your Divorce Risk? - Maggie Gallagher - The Corner on National Review Online


  1. I guess I have beat the odd and am off the charts.

    "People with similar backgrounds who are already divorced: 44%

    "People with similar backgrounds who will be divorced over the next five years: N/A"

    Didn't seem to ask very many questions.

  2. Happily probabilities say little to nothing about any particular case - and nothing at all about you two.

    It would have been interesting if they had included questions about religious convictions, but I'm sure the census data would have been inadequate.


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