Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sabbath Recorder, January 2009

The January, 2009, Sabbath Recorder is available online here as a pdf.

This is a missions issue of the Sabbath Recorder with several articles about Seventh Day Baptists in Nicaragua, Congo and Lebanon, and in the US in Alaska, Washington state, and on the Oglala Sioux reservation.

There are, as usual, a variety of other articles and columns including one by 2009 Conference President, Ed Cruzan. His Conference theme is "Pray" and this month he reflects on how peace is found in prayer. He concludes:
As believers, we already have the peace of God dwelling within us. Jesus gave it to us; it is part of the fruit of the Spirit.

Let God’s peace be released in you through prayer so you may truly and continually experience the peace of God that transcends all understanding through Christ Jesus!
The Sabbath Recorder is the magazine of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference and has been regularly published in some form since 1844.

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