Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Choose life?

It has seemed to me that "pro-choice" meant "pro-abortion." And this reaction tends to confirm that impression:
One might think that a license plate that emphasized choice would please the people who style themselves as “pro-choice”. Not in Virginia, though, as Democratic Governer and DNC chair Tim Kaine has discovered. ....

Many states now have specialty license plate programs that allow various groups to promote their mission. Kaine noted when he signed off on the Choose Life plate that Planned Parenthood could come up with its own, but that he had little choice but to approve the request on his desk. All they need is 350 people to prepay a $25 fee for a plate that says, “Kill your fetus,” and they’re good to go. [more]
And revenue from the plates will be used to persuade — that is, to assist choice:
The revenue from the specialty plates would go to crisis-pregnancy centers, which many abortion-rights backers believe proslyetize against abortion and encourage women to keep unwanted children.
Hot Air » Blog Archive » Pro-abortion groups freak out over license plates, DNC chair infuriates abortion backers - Andy Barr - POLITICO.com

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  1. This is incredible news, made even more incredible by the fact that this guy is the chair of the DNC. I wonder how long he will have that job?

    His pro-lifeness must be VERY "moderate" if he could promise "not to act on it" during his tenure as governor.


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