Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"And there was evening and there was morning..."

For those of us who care about when the Sabbath begins and ends: "Find Out What Time is Sunrise and Sunset Using Google."
As everyone knows sunrise and sunset times vary throughout the year. It is always good to know the time the sun will rise and set because your plans may depend on the natural lighting of the sun. If you are a Jew, a Seventh-day Adventist or a Seventh-day Baptist etc. the start of your Sabbath will depend on the time that the sun sets. What if you do not have a recent newspaper with sunrise and sunset times? Well, you can simply type in what you want to know into your Google search bar....
And the post then proceeds to explain how to use Google to find out when sunset occurs where you live. It uses the "Sunrise and Sunset Calculator" at This was the result for where I live:

Find Out What Time is Sunrise and Sunset Using Google | Scienceray

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