Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Packers

John Mark Reynolds in "On Loving the Packers" describes what he has learned from years of being a Green Bay Packer fan. He ends with this:
.... When the Packers won Super Bowl XLV, I was happy. The journey had been good. The great accomplishment belongs to the men who won the game, but I did something as well. I rooted for them well and faithfully

Of all the loves, Packer-love must be the least important, but it is love after all. Doing any love well is a foretaste of heaven where every desire is fulfilled and every dream comes true. [read it all]
On Loving the Packers » Evangel | A First Things Blog

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  1. As a fan who follows the ups and downs of my teams almost, well, religiously, I'm dubious that this is in fact, love.

    If as Dallas Willard has offered,love is willing that which is best for another, then does lending ones emotional resources toward a sports team qualify? One may have passion for a team, but at bottom, I hesitate to call that love, even in the sense of a foretaste.


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