Friday, March 25, 2011

Next on Narnia

I have been very much looking forward to the film of The Silver Chair, a favorite of mine among the books, but that will not be - at least not soon. The next book filmed will apparently be The Magician's Nephew. The Christian Post interviews Walden Media President Michael Flaherty about the next Narnia film:
CP: I read online that there was some talk about The Silver Chair being the next Narnia film but it's going to be The Magician's Nephew?

Flaherty: Right. We're looking at The Magician's Nephew now and I think everyone has their own favorite, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe being mine. But after that, I love The Magician's Nephew because it's a great origins story. You get to learn so much about where the wardrobe came from, where the lamppost came from, where Narnia came from and hopefully we'll get everything together and make that our next one.

CP: What's the timeline?

Flaherty: Well, we're talking to the estate and to Fox and if those three parties, if we can all agree to move forward, then what we would do is find someone to write the script. So, it could still be a couple of years. .... [more]
Interview: Walden Media President Michael Flaherty on Narnia 4 Film, Christian News, The Christian Post

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