Friday, March 18, 2011

When the worship leader talks too much

Referring to a blog discussion about the proper role of a worship leader [apparently meaning a song leader — which is a problem in itself], Url Scaramanga at Out of Ur asks:
.... Should worship leaders talk between songs, contribute to the teaching within the gathering, and tell stories to draw the congregation toward God? Or, should they stay out of the way and simply sing? ....

The comments have been particularly interesting with folks on both sides.

Andrew says:
More than happy for the Worship leader to talk between songs as long as its connected to the songs/service/message/theme of the service. Everything that’s said should point people towards God and not distract them from entering into His presence.
On the other side, Katie Ristow says:
So there’s gotta be some speaking instruction, but I’ll you my biggest pet peeve: when a worship leader talks before and after each song. Worship isn’t about the leader and what he or she is feeling, but about the worshiper and Jesus. When the worship leader talks too much, it can feel like they’re interrupting the conversation I’m having with Jesus.
It is interesting and encouraging that both comments indicate that the "worship leader" should get out of the way calling as little attention to themselves as possible.

Should Worship Leaders Talk or Just Sing? | Out of Ur | Conversations for Ministry Leaders

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