Thursday, December 1, 2011

A snow day

Kevin DeYoung's kids got a snow day today in Michigan. I remember as a student, and later as a teacher, feeling just as he describes. Unlike a vacation a snow day is free - because unexpected there are no plans, not even obligations you have placed on yourself. From "Heaven is Your Snow Day":
.... When I was a child I figured only kids liked snow days. But now I know parents and teachers are just as thrilled. No need to get up early. No lunch to pack. Nowhere to take the kids. The little ones will be ecstatic. They’ll be  throwing snow balls and making forts. The older ones will welcome the day off.

Everyone wishes for a snow day. Everyone cheers its arrival–especially the unexpected blanket of mirth in November.

We got the word around 6:00–no school. A day for rest. A day for play. A day together. A day where everything dying gets covered in white and everything beautiful sparkles.

If you aren’t from around here, you might not understand the title of this post. But trust me, heaven has to be like the best snow day ever. In midst of darkness, in the midst of cold and gloom, in the midst of danger and foreboding skies, you hope and hope. You wonder if tomorrow might be the day. You wonder if it might all be worth it. You wonder if you’ll wake up to hear happy news. You wonder if tomorrow is your snow day. And when it comes, you will play and sing and spend your hours among angels.

To all who are crestfallen, brokenhearted, afraid, or alone, take heart: winter may last for the night, but a snow day comes in the morning.
Heaven is Your Snow Day – Kevin DeYoung

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