Monday, March 12, 2012

The Theological Commons

Of likely interest to pastors, theological students, students of church history - and perhaps just about anyone - Justin Taylor directs us to the Theological Commons "digital library of 50,022 books on theology and religion" from the Princeton Theological Seminary.

I did a search for "Seventh Day Baptist" and it returned 634 results, the foremost of which were familiar titles by Corliss Fitz Randolph, A.H. Lewis, Albert Rogers, George B. Shaw, George B. Utter, etc. Obviously this was a rather specialized search related to my own interests and there is a vast amount of information made available here.

The major subject headings include Protestantism, Church History, Catholic Church, History, Theology, Bibles, New Testament, Philosophy, Missions, and Language and Literature. There are over 4,000 books from before 1800. Most of the books have a "Send to Kindle" link, and all of them a "View as PDF" download link. I haven't dug very deeply yet, but obviously this is another potentially useful - and free - online resource.

Theological Commons

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