Sunday, July 8, 2012

Having a lot to lose

A husband and father, worried that his very young daughter might be seriously ill, tells his wife that he isn't sure he could handle it if the worst were to prove true. Her response:
“Anyone who thinks they can’t handle it if something bad happens should probably ask themselves whether they were grateful enough for what they had before they realized that anything was wrong.” Most married women will have to contain their surprise at this admission, but it usually takes a while for me to grasp when my wife is right. Yet, this time it quickly dawned on me that having a lot to lose is a blessing, not a problem. ....
Mark Hemingway, writing in the current Weekly Standard. His wife is Molly.

Mark Hemingway, "A Brush With Eternity," The Weekly Standard, July 16, 2012, p. 5.

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