Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sunday school teachers in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, have been informed that they must take an oath that they believe and will teach what the Catholic Church teaches. Some news organizations have been reporting this requirement as if it were a violation of religious conscience, among them, apparently, The Washington Post. Rod Dreyer, who is no longer a Roman Catholic, is ticked off by this ignorance about what Catholicism is:
.... For Catholics, the Church has the right to teach authoritatively on faith and morals — an authority that is exercised through its leadership. This is what the Protestant Reformation was about! It is beyond embarrassing that this has to be explained to a reporter for The Washington Post. Then again, it has to be explained to liberal Catholics that they can’t pick and choose what to believe, and remain as Catholics in good standing. This is something I will never understand about modern Catholics. They want to have their church, but only on their own terms. Which is not Catholic. .... [more]
It is not only "not Catholic" but not consistent with any organization, religious or secular, that is organized around a set of beliefs. Shouldn't any church organization be able to require its teachers to affirm and teach what that church believes?

Catholic Loyalty Oath? | The American Conservative

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