Monday, September 10, 2012

Patience and the new pastor

Brian Croft has completed nine years as senior pastor in his church and has been reflecting on what he has learned in that time. One of his conclusions is:
A shift in who was really being patient. If you would have asked me in my first few years who was being most patient, without a doubt, I would say I was. Patience with difficult people. Patience with frustrating traditions. Patience with trying to win the trust of the people. Through the years, a shift in my thinking has taken place. The longer I serve as pastor, I realized it was these people who were being the most patient. Patient to allow me to grow in preaching. Patient as I made bad decisions. Patient as I learned how to better shepherd people. As each year goes by, I grow more convinced the congregation’s patience and grace extended to me was greater than that which I extended to them.
Related: Mark Vroegop advising that a new pastor should "Be Wise When You Revitalize."

What are some reflections on my 9 years as Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church? | Practical Shepherding

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