Saturday, October 27, 2012


What "Marc" describes here is related, I think, to what C.S. Lewis calls "joy" because it directs us to the only object that is infinite:
.... We delight in the newborn.

And what is delight? Have my guess: Delight is joy in being. Delight is joy that springs from the fact that another is. We do not delight in using another for a particular end. If we want sex, and we use a woman to achieve that end, we do not delight in her. We are not overjoyed by the fact she is, or else the hook-up culture would end in marriage. For a woman always is, and if her very being is our joy, then we will always wish to be in her presence. But a woman is not always giving us sex, so if sex is our joy, we will not always want the woman. ....

This, of course, is the secret to joy: With use comes expectation, and with expectation comes disappointment, but our delight cannot be disappointed, for delight lasts as long as we recognize that the object of our delight still exists. With use comes termination and finitude, for the use of something implies an eventual or previous moment when that the object of use is worthy of being cast out, of being unused. With delight, however, comes infinity, for we can always delight in a thing as long as it is, and even after the thing is gone, as we delight in our beloved dead, and our long-lost childhood. .... (more)
Being and Delight

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