Monday, October 29, 2012

The Word

All of this post about ministering the Word is good, but the first point reminded me of reviews of evangelical worship services almost devoid of scripture in contrast to liturgical services packed with it. Pastor Brian Croft:
.... The pastor’s task is to minister the word of God to his people. .... Here are 3 applications to remind us:

A Public Application. The pastor is to minister the word of God to his people in the public gatherings of his local church. This certainly involves preaching (preferably expositional sermons).... Do not underestimate the impact of meaty Scripture readings read well and singing Scripture in Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. [emphasis added]

A Private Application. .... Pastors are just as much ministering the word of God when reading and encouraging a dear saint with Scripture in the hospital or in a counseling session as they are to a massive crowd. ....

A Prayerful Application. Pastors should never minister the word in a public or private fashion without it being basked in prayer. .... [more]
What does it mean for the pastor to minister the Word of God? | Practical Shepherding

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