Monday, November 26, 2012

A Bible for Christmas?

As Christmas approaches each of us is confronted with decisions. What should we give? For our Christian friends a Bible might be the answer. J. Mark Bertrand [of the Bible Design Blog] offers a "Christmas Guide to Buying a Bible":
.... While most of my readers buy their own Bibles, let’s face it: The best way to receive one is as a gift. If you want to give a Bible as a gift this Christmas season, here are some recommendations.

The Best All-Arounder: Cambridge Clarion KJV, ESV, NASB, and (coming soon) NKJV

Over the past year or so, I’ve found myself recommending the Cambridge Clarion more than any other Bible. For readers, the Clarion offers an elegant single-column layout—in other words, it’s formatted more like a novel than a dictionary, which is what Bibles have looked like for centuries. One way to encourage Bible reading is to make the Bible resemble the kind of book people actually read. The Clarion’s overall dimensions resemble those of a thick trade paperback, so while the book has a little heft, it’s handy enough to carry around.

For the more scholarly, the Clarion includes cross-references in the outer margin, a concordance, and maps. ....
Some of his other suggestions:
  1. For Mainline Protestants: R.L. Allan NRSV ....
  2. For Roman Catholics: The Knox Bible from Baronius Press ....
  3. For Confessional Protestants: The Schuyler ESV with Creeds and Reformation-Era Confessions ....
  4. For Anglicans and Other Prayer Book Fans: Cambridge BCP-KJV Heritage Edition ....
  5. For Note-takers: The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible ....
and more.
Bertrand expands on each of his recommendations.

Christmas Guide to Buying a Bible | First Things


  1. Good suggestions!


    One can't top wrong with a Bible.

    Unless of course, they use it as a lawnmower assembly manual to fix their lives.

  2. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Found this article very helpful I will be passing on to others.

    Like the single column concept.


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