Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Faster than a speeding bullet..."

Was the first film Superman—the one in the 1940s—the best? Open Culture posts about "Nine Classic Superman Cartoons Restored and Now on YouTube":
.... Warner Brothers has just posted them, free for the watching, to their YouTube channel. They originally came out of Fleischer Studios, which animation buffs will know meant a true mark of quality back then. “Then,” in this case, means the early 1940s, and these Fleischer-produced Superman shorts brazenly bear the stylistic mark of that era. But if their rich, clean-lined look bursting with Technicolor strikes our eyes today as vintage, it also has a certain retro timelessness — if that doesn’t sound like too much of a contradiction in terms. No wonder they call this the Golden Age of Animation. ....
Mechanical Monsters, in which plucky girl reporter, Lois Lane, once again needs to be rescued:

Open Culture also provides a—

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