Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Holy Matrimony

Since Parliament has changed the meaning of "marriage" in Britain, Freddy Gray at The Spectator suggests that the Church start using an older term:
.... Since the politicians have changed the meaning of a word for political gain, perhaps Christian leaders should play the same game. They could move the definitional posts again, ditch the word marriage and talk only about ‘Holy Matrimony’ instead? Sounds ludicrously old-fashioned, I know. But read me out. ....

...[N]ow that our government has insisted on re-interpreting the M-word, maybe it’s time Christians did something equally radical, only this time by regressing to an older word. It’s not as if traditional marriage is thriving under its current definition. By emphasising the sacred and formal nature of Christian marriage, the words Holy Matrimony – even if they sound fogeyish now – might help steer the conventionally minded towards taking it more seriously. ....
Can Christians still have Holy Matrimony? » Spectator Blogs

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