Friday, February 22, 2013

"The bright light of salvation..."

Several hard things happening to good friends and acquaintances recently, as well as several things I've been reading [see the post about a Russell Moore essay below], reminded me of this, originally posted in January, 2010:

Right Wing Bob likes this version of "Death is Not the End" better than the only one Dylan recorded:
Someone who heard the song from a bootleg tape of those Infidels sessions was the singer Mike Scott of a combo called the Waterboys. He heard a different kind of spirit in the song, and, while performing live on an Irish radio show (The Dave Fanning Show) round about 1986 he and bandmates Steve Wickham and Anthony Thistlethwaite belted it out with some gusto, vigor and a fair bit of vim. .... [more]

Oh the tree of life is growing
Where the spirit never dies
And the bright light of salvation
Shines in dark and empty skies » Death is not the end

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