Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's not gonna rain forever

You can stand alone
Or with somebody else
Or stand with all of us, together
If you can believe
In something bigger than yourself
You can follow the flag forever

They say it's just a dream
  Some dreamers dreamed
That it's an empty thing 
That really has no meaning
They say it's all a lie
But it's not a lie
I'm going to follow the flag 'til I die

Into every life a little rain must fall
But it's not gonna rain forever
You can rise above—you can rise above it all
We will follow the flag together
We will follow the flag forever

"It’s not one of Newman’s most memorable songs — and maybe it’s the country’s current state of distress that reminds him of it — but, talking on the phone from his home studio in L.A., he cites it as an example of his 'songs that are close to the line.… I didn’t exactly mean [‘Follow the Flag’] as a straight-out patriotic song. But if I wanted to take advantage of what it is, I could. It’s so close to the line you can’t tell what it is. And that may be a mistake.'

"You think?

"'No,' he decides. 'I want it to get close to the line.'" .... (Newman's Own, 2001)

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