Monday, March 16, 2015

What should you read before you die?

I recently developed a reading challenge for myself based on the authors and works found in a 1950s edition of the children’s card game “Authors” that my grandmother had. These are mostly works that were even at the time of the card game’s publication 100 years old or older.

And now they’re older still!

My thinking was that it might somehow be worth reading books that a previous generation had already considered classics, but many of which aren’t read much anymore. So I’m currently in the middle of Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, and it’s very slow going due to a couple century’s worth of changes in language and literary style. But I’m really enjoying the heck out of it. ....
Goodreads has a list of the books from the game: Authors Card Game (53 books) 

When I was about ten our landlady, Miss Kidder, was a retired elementary school teacher. She lived up a set of outdoor stairs at her house on Vernal Avenue in what was then Milton Junction. I would climb the stairs and she would read to me and we would also often play "Authors." 

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