Monday, September 21, 2015

Faith-based film

David Oyelowo is the actor who portrayed Martin Luther King in Selma and who stars in Captive about "the insane true story of Brian Nichols’ 2005 prison escape and killing spree, which eventually ended when he took a hostage by the name of Ashley Smith who read him excerpts of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life." Oyelowo is openly Christian. In "Christians Can’t Abandon Hollywood" he evaluates Hollywood films intended to appeal to Christians and finds them wanting, but...
...“Then, on the other side, you have films being made that are basically preaching to the choir,” ....

“Everyone goes. And isn’t that wonderful because we are people of grace and we are people who love the message. So as long as that’s coming through, we’re very forgiving of the fact that it’s not well acted, it’s not well written and really no one outside of this church would be interested in it. ...."

Oyelowo wants to reach a point where people who believe the Gospel, who believe in miracles and believe in the power of salvation are also “fantastically good artistically, creatively and have a vision beyond a core Christian audience.” Then, he says, Christians will start producing great faith-based movies. .... (more)

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