Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"You need to be protected from your pastor"

"The Lectionary Protects You From Your Pastor" explains a pastor. And as someone in a worship tradition that doesn't usually use the Lectionary I am somewhat envious.
.... The Lectionary is the way the Church protects you from your pastor.

You need to be protected from your pastor. Why? Because he is self-centered. He is egotistical. He is arrogant. He thinks he knows it all and therefore you need to sit down and listen to him tell you it all. You see, I am a pastor. I speak from experience here. I have a lot of things to say. I have a lot of opinions and I am pretty sure they are the right opinions and I am really sure that you ought to have the same opinions as I do. I have some ideas on politics as well and boy, you really need to hear those! I have a couple axes that need grinding and a few hobby horses that need riding. I also have a few other clich├ęs that need to be used...

But you know, the funny thing is, it turns out that you don't come to church to hear my opinions and thoughts on things. I'm a little put out about that because I have a lot of good thoughts—but apparently you come to see Jesus. The Lectionary protects you from me and my brilliant thoughts and opinions and political insights and directs me to preach to you from the Word of God. It also forces me to preach from the entire bible and not just my favourite verses that deal with topics I feel are important. The Lectionary protects you from me. That's a good thing.

Okay, let's have full disclosure here. Sometimes the Lectionary is hard. Sometimes when I look up the texts I am supposed to preach on for the next Sunday I get the cold sweats. I don't like that text! It makes me bring up some uncomfortable topics. The people may not like what the Word of God says. And if they don't like what the Word of God says and I am the one saying those things then...they might not like me. And I like when people like me. A lot. I much prefer it when people are shaking my hand and patting me on my back for being such a swell guy. I don't like it when people are grumpy and angry with me. The Lectionary protects you from me here as well. It protects you from my cowardice. It forces the pastor and people to be confronted with the Word of God—whether it is comfortable or not. That's a good thing. .... [more]

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