Thursday, August 10, 2017


I just discovered this site: "Haycraft Queen Cornerstones," described thus:
"The Definitive Library of Mystery Fiction"
Howard Haycraft originally published the list in his 1941 landmark book Murder For Pleasure and was originally titled "A Reader's List of Detective Story Cornerstones". It was subsequently updated and broadened several times by Ellery Queen and became as a standard amongst dealers and collectors everywhere. The list below is the final revision and includes books from 1748 to 1952. Any entry followed by an * indicates it was added by Ellery Queen.
The list is alphabetical rather than chronological. Here is a section (the links only function at the site), with those checked off that I've read. There are several classics that I haven't. I will not run out of books to read.

Haycraft Queen Cornerstones - Complete List

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