Sunday, August 6, 2017


This post is directly related to the post a few days ago about John Keegan's The Face of Battle. In 1985 the BBC broadcast an eight-part series related to the book. Wikipedia's description:
"Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle" is a 1985 BBC television documentary series about the history of warfare from antiquity to the Falklands War. Each episode looks at warfare from the perspective of different participants: infantryman, artillerist, cavalryman, tanker, airman, guerrilla, surgeon, logistician and commander. The series and a companion book were written by John Keegan and Richard Holmes, and the series was presented by Frederick Forsyth.
When I taught a unit on the military in my International Relations elective I often began with the first episode of that series. I just went looking to see if it had been issued on DVD and failed to find it. But, of course, several people have uploaded the series to YouTube. I think they are all there. Here is "SOLDIERS: Part 1. The Face of Battle":

Links to the rest of the series can be found here (look to the right of the page).

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