Monday, March 25, 2019

A short introduction

C.S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction by James Como from Oxford University Press just arrived in the mail. I'm looking forward to enjoying it. OUP also allows you to download it free if you're willing to register with them and provide credit card information (which they promise not to use). Here is the URL: Download [PDF] CS Lewis A Very Short Introduction Free Online. I purchased mine in paperback from Amazon.

From the online description:
.... Although he is best known for the iconic Chronicles of Narnia series, C.S. Lewis was actually a man of many literary parts. Already well-known as a scholar in the thirties, he became a famous broadcaster during World War Two and wrote in many genres, including satire (The Screwtape Letters), science fiction ( Perelandra), a novel (Till We Have Faces), and many other books on Christian belief, such as Mere Christianity and Miracles. His few sermons remain touchstones of their type. In addition to these, Lewis wrote hundreds of poems and articles on social and cultural issues, many books and articles in his field of literary criticism and history, and thousands of letters. At Oxford University he became a charismatic lecturer and conversationalist. Taken together his writings have engaged and influenced, often very deeply, millions of readers. Now Lewis societies, television documentaries, movies, radio plays, and theatrical treatments of his work and life have become common, and he is frequently quoted by journalists, critics, and public thinkers. This Very Short Introduciton delves into the vast corpus of C.S. Lewis' work, discussing its core themes and lasting appeal. As James Como shows, C.S. Lewis' life is just as interesting as his work. A complex man, he came to his knowledge, beliefs, and wisdom only after much tortuous soul-searching and many painful events. Moving chronologically through Lewis' life, Como provides throughout a picture of the whole man, his work, and his enduring legacy. ....

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