Saturday, November 9, 2019

Testing orthodoxy

At GetReligion today the post includes three doctrinal questions the wrong answers to which would clearly place a person outside Christian orthodoxy.:
If you have been reading GetReligion for a decade or so, you have probably seen references to the “tmatt trio,” a set of short questions I have long used to probe the doctrinal fault lines inside Christian hierarchies, institutions and flocks. ....

.... The goal is not to hear sources provide specific answers, but to pay close attention to the content of their answers or non-answers. Here are the three questions, once again:
  1. Are biblical accounts of the resurrection of Jesus accurate? Was this a real – even if mysterious – event in real time? Did it really happen?
  2. Is salvation found through Jesus Christ, alone? Is Jesus the Way or a way?
  3. Is sex outside of the Sacrament of Marriage a sin? The key word is sin. ....
It's the unorthodox answers that are significant. Orthodox answers less so since orthodoxy requires much more.

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