Sunday, August 16, 2020

Not "woke" enough

Jim Wallis is out as editor of Sojourners. I've never cared much for his politics but it's hard not to feel sympathy right now. It is really difficult to be on the Christian Left and to keep up. From "Cancelling Jim Wallis?":
.... Wallis sensibly had recognized the article as incoherent and conspiratorial without evidently realizing that postmodern intersectionality disdains linear reason in favor of drawing ideological lines connecting all sinister oppressions. ....

As his critics of late have noted, Wallis is “an old white man” who’s not keeping up quickly enough with fast moving woke culture. Can he at age 72 adapt to the latest intersectionalist political demands? Will he pivot away from 20 years of seeking mainstream legitimacy in favor of alignment with the very latest street and online zealous activisms?

Or is Wallis’s stepping back from Sojourners magazine the first step in his ongoing cancellation by an increasingly frenzied woke culture, whose greatest fire is often aimed at longtime progressives?
I, too, am "an old white man" but without any inclination to keep up. 

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