Monday, January 30, 2023

A really dumb scene

I do enjoy Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films (not so much his Hobbit trilogy). But there were several things Jackson got wrong. Alan Jacobs describes one of them.

...[I]n the movie of RotK, when Gandalf finally does confront [the Lord of the Nazgul], Peter Jackson makes one of his very worst mistakes by having the Boss Wraith instantly destroy Gandalf’s staff, thus demonstrating absolute dominance over the wizard. It’s impossible to imagine that Gandalf, who has returned from death to fulfill his role as the Enemy of Sauron, could be utterly helpless before one of Sauron’s servants. Jackson then compounds the error by having the Wraith distracted from Gandalf by events on the battlefield: he immediately flies away rather than pausing for the four seconds it would clearly take him to destroy the staffless wizard whom he knows to be the leader of the rebels against the Dark Lord. It’s such a dumb scene.
Alan Jacobs, The Homebound Symphony, Jan. 30. 2023.

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