Monday, May 15, 2023

A slippery slope

From "The Week" by National Review's editors:
In 2016 legal suicide was introduced into Canada, and now that country has one of the most destructively persuasive euthanasia regimes in the world. Of all deaths in Canada, 3.3 percent are now caused by doctors who practice “medical assistance in dying.” The public appears all too enthusiastic. According to polls by Research Co., over a quarter of Canadians believe that their fellow citizens should have access to legal euthanasia because of poverty. Twenty-eight percent believe that an acceptable reason to request a medically assessed death is homelessness. The numbers rise to 43 percent for mental illness, 50 percent for disability, and 51 percent for inability to receive treatment. Progressive societies used to pride themselves on social services and welfare. Should it not trouble the relatively wealthy Canadian nation and its government that state services are now seen as so inadequate that a publicly accepted alternative is death itself?
"The Week," National Review, May 11, 2023.

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