Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Getting in touch

I've never much liked unexpected phone calls. Perhaps paradoxically, as my cell phone has made phone calls easier to receive I have developed an increasing aversion to answering them. I seldom answer my phone. If I notice my brother calling, I will answer. If it is the door to my building, I will respond. If I notice the call is from a doctor or a medical facility, I may answer, but it is more likely I will return the call when so inclined. Otherwise I usually don't react to the ring tone. This is mainly because I dislike responding to someone else's initiative. I much prefer an email — assuming the correspondent has my email address — or a text. I don't initiate texts either, although I will likely respond to one so long as it isn't political. My response is more likely to be considered and will be at a time of my choosing. It is also true that I'm apt to forget to remove my phone from the charger in the morning and so simply don't notice efforts to get in touch until whenever I happen to think about it. I like my phone but mainly use it for things other than phone calls. So, if you find yourself frustrated by my non-responsiveness, email or text.

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