Saturday, September 9, 2023

Leaving Twitter

Alan Jacobs has deactivated his X (formerly Twitter) account for reasons I find persuasive. I just did too. Nick Catoggio writing at The Dispatch explains at greater length:
“Musk is just a guy who says things,” writes Jonathan Last. “Sometimes for attention. Sometimes because he’s mad. Sometimes because he’s high. None of it means anything. Don’t take him literally or seriously.” I think that’s almost right.

Not taking him seriously is the part that’s wrong. The erratic way in which Musk rules his empire, replete with his suspicious solicitousness toward some of the worst people on earth, turns out to have real consequences for our empire. To some extent, we’re all prisoners of his caprice.

There’s now reason to believe innocent people have died needlessly because of it. .... (more)

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