Friday, September 29, 2023


Showing tomorrow on Turner Classic Movies, Dark Passage (1947):
This is the third and most heartfelt pairing of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall… quite a feat considering this film is even more firmly rooted in noir than their others. ....

The story begins with a prison escapee but one wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife. He’s hiding in a barrel leaving San Quentin on the back of a truck. Once he forcibly tilts the barrel out of the moving vehicle, we are Vincent Parry and see almost everything from his point of view. After finding his way back to the highway, he is offered a lift by a guy who asks too many questions and who in return, gets punched out by Vincent. Soon afterward he gets picked up by a gorgeous dame (Irene Jansen scrumptiously played by Bacall) who happened to be in the area painting. Now it’s Vincent’s turn to ask questions, but she seems sincere enough and willing to take some dangerous risks to keep him from being caught. ....

...Dark Passage is on solid noir ground, except for the main character: the wrongly accused Vincent Parry (played to melancholic but resilient perfection by Humphrey Bogart) who's hiding out in an unstable but atmospheric San Francisco. ....
The above description is excerpted and slightly modified from the one found here.

A film I have found very re-watchable.

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