Friday, May 20, 2011

When He comes

Regarding what Our Lord says in Matthew 24:37-44, Jared Wilson concludes that "It Is Good to be Left Behind":
.... In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll be up front and confess that I am not a pre-tribulationist. Without getting too much into the various views of eschatology, I will say that when I read this passage, I don’t see it as being a good thing to be taken away.

Before you demur, let me explain:

Notice Jesus compares his coming to the flood coming in Noah’s day. Just as then, people were minding their own business, eating and drinking, going about their daily life, unprepared and unaware of the imminent danger. Suddenly, God came and wiped them away. In the same way, Jesus says, he is coming and people who are not prepared for the invasion of the physical kingdom will be minding their own business and will be taken away. I believe this means they are taken away to judgment. Can we agree that a thief coming into your house is not a good thing? ....
And a blogger named Marcia Morrissey reminds us that:
Each day the Lord gives us is a gift, and an opportunity to live it the best we can. I don't know when the Lord will return—maybe soon, but only God knows. The thing I do know for sure is that each day is a day closer to the Lord's return for me personally, and I want to be ready....
The Gospel-Driven Church: It Is Good to be Left Behind, Everyday Rapture

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