Friday, May 6, 2011

Pooh is male....

"Study Suggests That Winnie the Pooh Isn't Gender Equal."  Pooh is male — but is he masculine?
A comprehensive study of traditional children’s book characters has determined that Pooh Corner may be rife with gender inequality.

Dr. Janice McCabe, a sociologist at Florida State University, examined nearly 6,000 children’s books between 1900 and 2000 and determined the stories have a definitive gender bias and a disproportionate representation of genders.

“We found that males are represented more frequently than females in the titles and the central characters in the book,” McCabe told Fox News Radio.

Fifty seven percent of the children’s stories featured male characters, 31 percent featured female characters and the remainder had animal characters of unknown gender identity, according to the study. .... [more]
Study Suggests That Winnie the Pooh Isn't Gender Equal, But Does it Matter? -

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