Monday, August 21, 2006

"Blogs" and "blogging"

For those not yet familiar with "blogs."
Blogging is ideal for the exchange of opinions and for a conversation about issues. I've been informed that at least some of those who have viewed this site over the last few days are unfamiliar with how this can work and so:

1) If you would like to comment on, either supporting or disagreeing with, any of the articles posted on the site, look for "Comments" in the line at the end of the article, click on it, write your comment, and then follow the on-screen directions. This is a "moderated" blog, which means that your comment will be read before being published and so there may be a delay before it appears. It will appear, though, in the "Comments" section after the article, unless it isn't to the point or is abusive.

2) If you would like to publish something more substantial on the main page, email a copy to me at A link can also be found at my profile: click on "Standfast" in the contributors list at the right. I will publish it, or tell you why I will not.

Jim Skaggs